New on Elite Messenger

Send invitation by e-mail

Want to invite someone to join you on a conversation on Elite Messenger?
Click on 'Contacts' menu bar item, then select 'Send Invitation'. Alternatively, you may right-click the contacts list and select 'Send Invitation' from the popup menu.
Enter the name and the e-mail of the person you want to invite then select 'Preview'. You may now edit the email code which will be sent, or simply click OK to send the e-mail.
After the person receiving the invitation subscribes, their login name will be added to your address book, and yours to theirs.

Password Recovery

Forgot your Elite Messenger password?
Nothing simpler if you entered a valid e-mail address while subscribing. On the login page, click 'Forgot Password', then enter your login name (if you remember it) or your e-mail address. An e-mail with a link will be sent to specified address. Click on that link and enter a new password for your account.