An Online Installation Free Audio/Video Instant Messaging System

No installation required!

All you need is just a web browser with the latest Flash Player and a connection to Internet, giving you the flexibility to access your account from anywhere in the world! Tested browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome.

Instant messenger

The Elite IM is highlighted with an easy-to-use interface and funny emoticons, allowing you to better express your emotions.

Virus Free!

Worried about viruses/worms/trojans? No more! Elite Messenger runs in the security sandbox of Adobe Flash Player, so it is not allowed to do anything harmful to your computer.

Live Audio and Video Communication Live Audio and Video

You can always see and speak to your loved ones, your friends or your business partners, whether you are at work, on holiday, Internet cafe or simply at home.
All you need is an working webcam and a headset with microphone.
Unlike most audio/video conferencing software, there is no need to install anything on your computer
No plug-ins required!

And it's FREE!

Signing up is free! Text Messaging is free. Offline text is free. Special features such as Live Audio / Video, Offline Audio / Video Messages and Offline File Sharing are free with some limitations:

  • free - maximum 10MB of disk space. Contact us for more.
  • free - 1 day time out. To keep the files for more - contact us.